Released Nov 18, 2008


Jason Turbin - Lead Vocals, Keys
Benji Pope - Bass
Cassidy Turbin - Drums
Tieg Johnson - Guitar


Los Angeles based CANON was influenced by 70s rock titans like King Crimson, Yes and Jethro Tull, yet their sound is also reminiscent of contemporary trailblazers such as Radiohead, Muse and Explosions in the Sky. Throughout their debut album, “Wide Awake,” released in February 2007 by Corporate Records, the listener hears this wide range of influences, but should enjoy the fact the band doesn't come off sounding like another copycat. Instead, they bring their own original sound ranging from slow and smooth, almost eerie, to vibrant and upbeat tempos that listeners sometimes find all in the same song.

For example, track two's “Don't Trust the Teachers” is reminiscent of Pink Floyd's “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2,” but Canon has their own unique edge with tempo shifting throughout the song's authority-defying message. From their haunting title track, “Wide Awake” to “SOS” with its hard, robotic groove, the album should not disappoint anyone looking for something a little off the beaten track.

Co-produced with Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, Ima Robot, Medicine), “Wide Awake” is touted as ethereal and atmospheric one moment, and abrasive and vibrant the next; which, makes for a wild ride. They lure you in slowly, build you up with a crescendo tempo and then bring you back down to earth, leaving you fully satisfied with the result. Each song tells a story, usually in five minutes or less, but you never feel like something is missing.

Lyrically, each musical mini-saga isn't made up of the street-toughened words one might expect from the new generation of rockers. Instead, they truly reflect the band's uniquely mixed influence of the 70s rock scene and Renaissance poets, but in a fresh blend. Call them progressive, alternative, experimental or any number of other adjectives, the band is definitely making waves.

CANON is made up of Jason Turbin (vocals, keyboard), Tieg Johnson (guitars), Benji Pope (bass) and Cassidy Turbin (drums). With a large fan base already established and their obvious fearlessness in trying new and original aspects in their music, it could very well give their budding career a chance at greatness. Their debut album is available in stores now and for more information about the band visit one of their websites at or

By Moira K. Wiley of CRAVE MAGAZINE